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Operators Display

  • Industrial touch-screen mounted on adjustable swivel ram-mount
  • 20” to 50” display
  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Automatic wireless sensor discovery
  • Easy configuration with touch controls
  • Built-in Safety Checks for connections
  • Displays all sensor data incl. B.O.P. ram position, accumulator/pump pressure, wellhead pressure, pump flow, tank volumes and other custom measurement connections
  • Water proof IP65 touch screen display
  • Additional weather protection available
Simple Digital Display

  • Hardwired to local 12v/24v power
  • 4” to 20” display sizes
  • High luminosity
  • Water proof IP65 rating
  • Dial gauge, numerical, and line chart digital formats
  • Supports direct connections to two measurement/sensor device with analog, serial, or 4-20mA output (e.g., load-cell, pressure sensor, level sensor, flow meter)
  • Custom mounting hardware available, incl. swivel ram-mount
Wireless Communication Module

  • Wireless communication link 2.4GHz with measurement devices and controls
  • Local storage data logging, options available include SD / uSD, flash, and RAID disks
  • Supports up to 8 connections to measurement devices with analog or digital interfaces incl. 0-5V, 4-20mA, discrete Normally Open / Normally Closed signals
  • Integrates cellular or satellite communications for remote data-link
  • Enables remote telemetry with live tower sheet data
  • Includes GPS for advanced asset tracking functions (e.g., Rig Locator)
Wireless Safety Controller

The Safety Controller unit provides the active control logic for the anti-collision and safety functions. The unit continuously tracks all measurement signals from wired and wireless modules installed and instantly activates the brakes if any safety limits are exceeded. The system offers many customization options for easy integrations, including alarms for an early warning signal, disengaging the hoist clutch to slow down moving equipment when approaching safety zone limits, and a wide range of industrial interfaces for pneumatic and hydraulic braking systems, load-cells, dump valves, control panels, etc. An over-ride switch enables easy maintenance with automatic re-activation, and activity based data logging for troubleshooting and reporting. In addition a wireless data-link offers advanced telemetry and secure configuration from any mobile device, a tablet, or laptop/computer.

  • Expandable up to 32 I/O modules
  • Programmable CPU safety logic
  • Bright system status/alarm light
  • Hardwired over-ride switch for maintenance functions
  • Wireless 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 spec
  • Range up to 400 ft. with wireless measurement and control devices
Wireless Brake Control Module

  • Available for pneumatic and hydraulic rigs (e.g., band brake actuation and hydraulic dump valves)
  • Redundant failsafe control valve mechanism
  • Range of up to 400 ft. from safety controller
  • Built-in safety check with latched alarms for control failure
Wireless Emergency Kill Switch

  • High reliability interlock switch
  • Designed for safety critical applications
  • Rated for 1 million cycle life
  • Range of up to 400 ft. from safety controller
  • High performance Lithium battery, 1 year battery life operation
  • Built-in battery check with latched alarm for low battery charge
Wireless Mechanical Crown Saver Switch

The Crown Saver unit provides an anti-collision zone management function preventing the blocks from striking the crown structure. A counter weight is suspended by a length of chain that establishes the crown safety zone limit. The unit is easy to install with no power or signaling cables, integrating advanced wireless data-link and long life batteries for a maintenance free operation.

  • Rugged aluminum and alloy steel fixture for extended life
  • Single point alarm condition set by chain counterweight length
  • High performance Lithium battery, 1 year battery life operation
  • Built-in battery check with latched alarm for low battery charge
Wireless Multizone Crown Saver

  • Rugged aluminum and alloy steel fixture for extended life
  • LIDAR based proximity sensing
  • Hardwired to 12V/24V power
  • Programmable multizone safety for advanced zone management (e.g., crownsaver, floorsaver, other anti-collision)
  • Alarm conditions configurable during installation
  • Built-in safety checks with latched alarm capability
  • Programmable to slow down before hard stop
Wireless Siren Alarm with Strobe Light

  • Hardwired to local 12V/24V power
  • Range of up to 400 ft. from safety controller
  • Programmable to alarm at multiple conditions (e.g., Encoder, Crown Saver, Emergency kill, and/or other)
Weight Indicator

  • Up to 50,000 LB capacity
  • Includes a 12" digital or analog dial indicator
  • Massload premium 17-4 H1150 SS load cell
  • 5x safety factor
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • Installed on dead end becket w/ applicable links/shackle as required
  • Hardwired to power and 12" dial gauge indicator
  • Supports connections to digital display (e.g., see Simple Digital Display product)
Digital Revolution Encoder

The Digital Revolution Encoder unit monitors the moving block position by tracking the draw-works revolutions and using advanced calibration tables for accurate measurements. The unit can serve as an advanced Floor Saver function by signaling alarms and activating the main brakes if the moving block passes the programmable safety zone limit. The unit also provides speed and position monitoring for display on the system dashboard, in addition to data logging for telemetry applications

  • Dynapar HS35 series or similar
  • Custom adapter shaft included
  • Standard floor saver function programming
  • * Available for draw-work type rig (pneumatic band brakes)
  • Programmable units to monitor any rotating/positional subsystem
Pump Flow Meter

  • GPI FLOMEC model G2 or equivalent
  • Industrial grade digital flow meter
  • All turbine type 4-20mA output available
  • 200GPM 3,000PSI rated capacity
  • In-line flow 2" NPT ports
Pump / Accumulator Pressure Sensor

  • VIATRAN model 34A OR HONEYWELL model 440 or equivalent
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • 5,000PSI rated capacity 2" NPT port
Wellhead Pressure Sensor

  • VIATRAN model 509 or Honeywell model 425 or equivalent
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • 20,000PSI rated capacity 1502
  • Hammer union pin nose connection
Tank Level Sensor

  • Multiple technologies available incl. laser, ultrasonic, hydrostatic head, and floats
  • Selection is made upon tank survey
B.O.P. Ram Sensor

  • Hardwired to local 12V/24V power
  • Custom mounting hardware available
  • Supports alarming with siren and/or activating safety brakes at programmable threshold

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