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Weight Indicator

  • Up to 50,000 LB capacity
  • Includes a 12" digital or analog dial indicator
  • Massload premium 17-4 H1150 SS load cell
  • 5x safety factor
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • Installed on dead end becket w/ applicable links/shackle as required
  • Hardwired to power and 12" dial gauge indicator
  • Supports connections to digital display (e.g., see Simple Digital Display product)
Digital Revolution Encoder

The Digital Revolution Encoder unit monitors the moving block position by tracking the draw-works revolutions and using advanced calibration tables for accurate measurements. The unit can serve as an advanced Floor Saver function by signaling alarms and activating the main brakes if the moving block passes the programmable safety zone limit. The unit also provides speed and position monitoring for display on the system dashboard, in addition to data logging for telemetry applications

  • Dynapar HS35 series or similar
  • Custom adapter shaft included
  • Standard floor saver function programming
  • * Available for draw-work type rig (pneumatic band brakes)
  • Programmable units to monitor any rotating/positional subsystem
Pump Flow Meter

  • GPI FLOMEC model G2 or equivalent
  • Industrial grade digital flow meter
  • All turbine type 4-20mA output available
  • 200GPM 3,000PSI rated capacity
  • In-line flow 2" NPT ports
Pump / Accumulator Pressure Sensor

  • VIATRAN model 34A OR HONEYWELL model 440 or equivalent
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • 5,000PSI rated capacity 2" NPT port
Wellhead Pressure Sensor

  • VIATRAN model 509 or Honeywell model 425 or equivalent
  • Strain gauge 4-20mA output
  • 20,000PSI rated capacity 1502
  • Hammer union pin nose connection
Tank Level Sensor

  • Multiple technologies available incl. laser, ultrasonic, hydrostatic head, and floats
  • Selection is made upon tank survey
B.O.P. Ram Sensor

  • Hardwired to local 12V/24V power
  • Custom mounting hardware available
  • Supports alarming with siren and/or activating safety brakes at programmable threshold

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