Teddy Bears and Peanut Soup Presidential Trivia (Hammond) (Hammond)

TEDDY BEARS AND PEANUT SOUPPRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA AND FACT BOOKProduct DescriptionWhat president had to borrow money to get to his inauguration? Only one president never married. Who was he? Who was the skinny-dipping president?What first lady was known as Lemonade Lucy and why? What does the S stand for in Harry S. Truman? The answers to these questions and hundreds of other fascinating facts, tantalizing trivia, and tasty tidbits about America s presidents can be found in this amusing collection.Features:* Each president (including the winner of the 2008 election) is presented with a full-color photo, brief stats, and other entertaining information* Illustrated with interesting color photos and graphics throughout* Colorful section openers, including the Presidential Oath and the White House* United States map with birth and burial places* Presidential stats at a glance, including birth and death, dates in office, political party and more* Two pages of superlatives, including the shortest and tallest presidents* Presidential zodiac signs, White House weddings, and presidential salaries* Favorite president recipes and much more!

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Book Title: Teddy Bears and Peanut Soup Presidential Trivia (Hammond) (Hammond)

Book Author: Hammond

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