The Carbon Killers

In this thriller, strong-willed women take bold action to solve the climate crisis. During the 2020’s, Margaret Chen is assigned by a tough US President, Karen Andersen, to tackle the emergency on a global scale by bringing the major nations together. Enormous and dangerous resistance ensues from stubborn bureaucrats and vicious fossil fuel interests. Margaret risks her life and falls in love. But taking on the causes of climate change is not enough. In the 2040’s, President Pedro Gutierrez charges Margaret with overseeing the relocation of climate refugees. She works with an efficient but troubled Kenyan woman, Nyambura, and her Somali partner Dahir, to move thousands of Africans to a mid-Western US town. They are not exactly welcome, and trouble develops. This international adventure unfolds in diverse locations, including remote tropical islands, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Beijing, Siberia, and rural Kenya. Determination, leadership, and clever maneuvering matter in these complex attempts to rescue the world from carbon-based energy.

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Book Title: The Carbon Killers

Book Author: Hal Wackman

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