Pierre-Auguste Renoir: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Painters)

Discover the remarkable life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir...Free BONUS Inside!Pierre-August Renoir, leader of the nineteenth-century Impressionist movement, spent his entire life perfecting his style. Rejected for decades, he depended on friends for a place to stay and money for painting supplies. Renoir lived in poverty until his forties, and when he was finally discovered and hailed as a great artist, his health began to fail him. Still, Renoir never gave up his passion for painting. When he became crippled by arthritis, Renoir painted confined to a wheelchair with the paintbrush bound to his wrist. His need to create beauty was the driving force of his life, and throughout rejections and deteriorating health, Renoir retained an optimism that is reflected in his paintings.Discover a plethora of topics such as Early Life in Poverty Success as a Portrait Artist The Dreyfus Affair The Price of Fame Losing the Use of His Hands Last Years and Death And much more!So if you want a concise and informative book on Pierre-Auguste Renoir, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now" button for instant access!

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Book Title: Pierre-Auguste Renoir: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Painters)

Book Author: Hourly History

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